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CHAINTRONIC CH60 Quarry Chain saw

Type: Stone Chain Saw Machines Bank Chain Saw Machines
Usage: Marble, Limestone, Quartzite, Sandstone, Travertine
Warranty:12 Months

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Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
Main Products:
automatic loading table, slabs, marble, brushing machine, aging machine, continuous flaming machine
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Machinery Function Features
Chain saw on which all drives are electric and controlled by Inverters. The higher energy efficiency with respect to hydraulic systems and the specific tool arrangement offer significantly better cutting speeds and tool life.

A modern heavy-duty chain saw for sedimentary stone quarries,where the machine can perform cuts both vertical and horizontal.

The machine is driven entirely by electric motors to reduce energy demand (due to the higher efficiency with respect to hydrostatic transmissions) also eliminating maintenance problems typical of hydraulic circuits.

The machine consists of the following main parts:


The welded steel frame is extremely rigid in both torsion and bending to ensure the absence of deformation guaranteeing limited mechanical loads on the cutting arm and long tool life.

Main Motor

The main 30 kW motor operating at variable speed under the control of an Inverter, driving the chain itself, through an epicycloid gearbox.

The blade rotation system, also with a variable speed motor (Inverter controlled) and an irreversible double worm and crown gearbox for blade rotation;

The motorised blade-swing system, with a 0,75 kW Motor that positions

the blade horizontally or vertically.

Variable speed 3 kW motor with a speed reducer and rack and pinion system, to drive the machine along the track.

A pump set for blade pinion and chain lubrication, with 0,25 Kw motor

Electric panel

The electric panel and switchboard with controls and commands with emergency machine stop in case of anomalies.

- a set of inverters for the main motors - a cutting speed control system

- all manual and automatic controls - current absorption on all motors control system - safety and emergency protection devices


Available in lengths suitable for cutting depths from 2 to 5.6 m, the blade is in special high strength and wear-resistant steel. The blade incorporates channels for both lubricant pipework and for cooling water or air.

The blade edges are machined and drilled to house the wear-plates on which the chain runs during cutting; these replaceable plates are in hardened and tempered steel.


The special steel chain consists of 8 tool-carrier links. The first 5 links carry one tool, while the others each have two in stepped positions.

This patented arrangement offers high cutting speeds and the best possible resistance to tool wear and breakage. The tools are normally in Tungsten Carbide size 12,7 x 12,7 x 6,5mm and are fastened by a screw so that each tool can be used up to eight times

Track (Rail)

Three tracks are provided (more on request) each of 3m length, and complete with anchoring systems to fasten the machine to the quarry floor.

The three-track system allows continuous machine operation; when track 2 is reached, track 1 can be placed ahead of track 3, with no need to stop the machine.

Walking beam type track

A "walking beam" version is also available with a single track of length 7.5m, allowing 5m travel. Using hydraulic cylinders, the machine can be lifted with the track, the latter then being shifted ahead to continue cutting, with no need for other lifting gear.

A large increase in quarry output can be achieved by combining the use of a chain saw and diamond wire saws.
Technical Data
Total installed power
Overall machine length
Overall machine width
Overall machine height
Arm rotation
Chain rotation speed
0 to 1.4
Cutting width
Effective cutting depth Max.
2 to 5.6
Available arms for useful cut
2,3 - 2,8 - 3,1 - 3,4 - 4,2 - 4,5 - 5,0
Track(rail) length
Walking beam track(rail) length
Warranty: 12 Months
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Company Profile
Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
  • Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
  • Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
  • Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
  • Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
  • Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
Company Name: Pellegrini Meccanica SpA
Business Type: Machinery
Main Product: automatic loading table, slabs, marble, brushing machine, aging machine, continuous flaming machine
Country/Region: Italy Italy
Established: Dec 31,1959
NO. of Employees: N/A
Company Description
Pellegrini Group today is well-known all over the world for the production of machinery and equipment for quarrying and processing of dimensional stone.

The origins date to more than three centuries ago, when the Pellegrini family started extracting the “Rosso Verona” marble in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella. About 60 years ago, the young man Marco Pellegrini, at that time just graduated in industrial engineering, designed and assembled the first machines to ease the job in his Family’s quarry. Soon these products were recognized and adopted by other quarrymen, and “La Sant’Ambrogio” (the name of the first company) grew rapidly. Today Pellegrini has become a market leader, thank to quality products, a complete range and a high level of service by a team of engineers, geologists and technicians.

Marco Pellegrini, for decades chairman and then honorary chairman of the Pellegrini Meccanica SpA group, was one of the eight “magnificent” founders, in 1960, of the International Marble Exhibition of Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, an active President of ACIMM (Italian Marble Machinery Manufacturers’ Association) from 1973 until 1983 and honorary President until few years ago .He was the chairman of the 11th workshop which, within the European Standardization Committee (CEN), from middle Eighties to 1994, drafted the technical standards for stone quarrying and processing equipment, allowing application of the EC mark.

Since the year 2002, Pellegrini Meccanica SpA is led by his daughter Dr. Elena Pellegrini, who has further developed Company strategy with the help of valued technicians and team mates, with the same style and charisma as our founder.


To encourage specialization and world market penetration, the Pellegrini Group has created in recent years, four brand divisions. Each is focused and dedicated to design, marketing and servicing specific equipment for various phases of stone processing. In common, the four divisions concentrate on high quality machines for quality and volume production, with continuous research, development and application of new technologies.

Viale delle Nazioni, 8 37135 Verona (Italy)

Tel. +39 045 820 36 66

Fax +39 045 820 36 33



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Xiamen Stone Fair 2014
Xiamen Stone Fair 2014
Xiamen Stone Fair 2014
Xiamen Stone Fair 2014
Xiamen Stone Fair 2014
Xiamen Stone Fair 2014
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