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Company Name: Fantini Sud SPA
Business Type: Machinery
Main Products:
quarry chain saw, Tunnel chain saw machines, Squaring Chain Saw Machine, Bank Chain Saw Machines
Country/Region: ItalyItaly
Established: Dec 31,1913
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Company Description

The Fantini Group represents a solid reality and a wealth of experience; our aim is to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of clients by providing everything they need to achieve their business objectives, from careful selection of raw materials right through to functional testing on the machinery, and including the internal certification processes and post-sales service management organization. Modern factories, latest generation technology and highly qualified personnel form the basis of the Fantini Group’s global range of products and services, which can be customized right down to the last detail in order to tailor them to the specific requirements of each individual customer.
Choosing the Gruppo Fantini means entrusting your ideas to a highly specialized team, where each individual technician works in perfect synergy with the other members of the team, irrespective of their specific roles. The Fantini industrial divisions produce customized stone extractor chain saw machines, industrial automation systems, and mechanical projects for research bodies. We place paramount importance on safety and compliance with the applicable community and international standards and regulations in order to guarantee that our customers are satisfied with the performance and working life of our products. Experience at the basis of quality.
Our History
Fantini has been present in the mechanical sector since 1914, when Luigi Fantini opened a small metal workshop in Tivoli (Rome) . The business continued until the outbreak of the Second World War, when activities were suspended for the duration of the hostilities. In 1947, Luigi Fantini’s sons – Alfeo Fantini and Mario Fantini – reopened their father’s business, rapidly expanding the old workshop and specializing in producing parts for industrial machinery for companies in the manufacturing sector (paper, tyres, cement). Exploiting the proximity of the famous travertine marble (lapis tiburtinum) extraction basin, in 1979 the company began manufacturing chain saw machines for the extraction of ornamental stone. The first chain saw began its working life in a quarry operated by “Bruno Poggi and sons”, and half a century later there are over 1,900 machines currently in use in quarries all over the world, in fact chain saws are commonly referred to simply as “Fantinis” by those who work in the sector.
In 1989 the company inaugurated its new factory facilities in Anagni (Frascati) where the Automation, Chain Saw Machines and Mechanical divisions remain to this day. Another important moment came in 1998 with the construction of a new 3,000 sq. m expansion to the large-scale production areas at the Anagni site. This new facility was equipped with a heavy metal working department and a vast range of machine tools for the mechanical production processes. In 2001 Fantini Sud began collaborating with the Italian Nuclear Physics Institute (INFN) on the prestigious Opera project. This was the first time the company had worked with a research body and it resulted in the birth of the Fantini Group’s newest business division. As a result of the continuous evolution of the machines, plant and equipment produced for large-scale experimental apparatus, the most recent and innovative area was built at the Anagni site in 2007, covering an area of 3,000 sq. m.
Fantini Sud S.p.A.
N. 52, Strada Provinciale 12 03012 Anagni (Frosinone) Italy
Telephone: 39 0775 77491 r.a.
Fax: 39 0775 769640
Fiscal Code and VAT Number: 01691740607
Company Register Number.: FR 95080
Share Capital.: € 3.100.000 fully paid-up
The company is not in liquidation
The company is not a sole Administrator
Commercial Manager
Vincenzo Adamo
Commercial Department
Marco Turrio
Edoardo Biagetti
Guy Senaud
Spare Parts Commercial Department
Francesca Palleri
Ivana Angelucci
Division Secretary
Graziella D’Itri
Customer Care & Customer Service Manager
Marco Alfeo Fantini