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Company Name: Korfmann Cut Machinery s.r.l
Business Type: Machinery
Main Products:
chain cutting machines, diamond wire
Country/Region: ItalyItaly
Established: Dec 31,1929
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Company Description

The legendary KORFMANN chain cutting machines, known for being the world’s pioneer in quarrying marble and stone are now built in Carrara, which is the largest area of marble quarry concentration in the world. No other place could be more suitable for testing new machines and technical innovations as here, so as to keep this product constantly ahead in quality and competitiveness and always ready to deal with any kind of quarry work.
In this way, the tradition of KORFMANN will continue by its come back on the world market with a product which is the achievement of years of experience, using the most up-dated components as well as highly professional technological solutions.
The components used by KORFMANN still are unmatched: the highest possible resistance to ware and tear is absolutely guaranteed. The chain arm is now built using a special steel alloy which not only makes it lighter but gives it much more working stress-resistance than the previous one. 
The “core” of this kind of machine is the reduction gear box. The korfmann one is made in a single alloy cast box thus making it much more robust, free from cast cracking and with more thrust power for the chain arm itself.
KORFMANN has also further improved the world wide well known robustness of its cutting chain by introducing a new bit-support fixing system. The chain bit-supports may be equipped with cutting tools made of tungsten carbide as “widia-bit” or by policristalline such as “stratapax”. The first type of bit is suitable for cutting stones of medium hardness while the latter is built to deal with very hard and abrasive ones.
Another strong point in favour of KORFMANN chain machine are the rails: these, as they are made of special reinforced steel, eliminate easy deformation and free from machine positioning problems even in extreme terrain conditions.
The prestigious name of KORFMANN products, well known all over the world, are built using the best and most advanced technological components which together with first class tools enable these machines to work in the most hostile working sites and to operate stone cutting even in the total absence of water.
All this, and KORFMANN’s long history dating back to 1880, helps us to maintain our products to the highest quality standards.